Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Tree Management Program/Bunker Restoration

We have started removing trees for the bunker restoration project.  Trees from #9, 16 and the right of 2 green were removed yesterday and today.  The tree on 16 was severely decayed and has been on my need to remove list for the last year.  We have an additional tree on #2 and two large oaks to the left of 18 green which will be removed on Monday/Tuesday of next week.  I understand the concern that some have expressed regarding the removal of trees.  The trees along #2 are being removed to expand the fairway to the right of the hole and along the green.  This will give us widened fairway height bailout area next to the green.  It will also allow for additional air circulation to this green which is one of our weakest greens each season.

The staff working very quickly to get everything cut and chipped up and hauled away.

The complete middle section was rotten and infested with carpenter  ants.  This tree was waiting to fall down during the most inconvenient time for our staff and was a hazard to our membership and guests. 

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