Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Rain and the irrigation lake

Over the past few days, we have applied the most irrigation to our course for the season to date.  Lower humidity, less rainfall and fairway/tee aeration caused an increase in usage.  We attempt to manage our lake recharging using city water very judiciously because of the cost to the club and waste of natural resource if it flows over the spillway and goes to New Orleans down the Mississippi.  The 1" of rain saved the property over 3,000,000 gallons of water plus will probably recharge our lake for usage later in the week when we begin to dry out again.  Every day we do not run the lake tap as we call it is a day of savings.  For your information, we pay 2.57660 plus 17% taxes per 100 cubic feet of water which is 748 gallons of water at a cost of .00403024 cents per gallon.  Million gallons of water is $ 4,030.  During the heaviest irrigation cycles, we can run through a million gallons in 3-4 days.

Lake is usually full when it reaches the bottom of the spillway that leads from the lake near 15 tee.

Water is still rising on the spillway leading from the lake on 15 but has room for more water.

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