Tuesday, July 30, 2013

What do you do when it rains?

A rain event like this morning gives us an opportunity to do some things around the facility that maybe have not been completed for a while or some regular maintenance on equipment.  This includes cleaning equipment with our power washer/steam cleaner. sharpening blades, check equipment fluids, making green sand, cleaning off our flat building roof from debris which clog up the down spouts and general straightening/ clean up.  If its a long rain event for 3-4 hours, we do our work and then begin to send staff home based on newest employees first.  In some cases, the regular staff chose to go home as well if they need to catch up on their work or home.

We also go on the course to check drain lines and see how the course is responding to the rainfall to give us an idea on when we can open up the facility.

Nick cleaning equipment.

Brown sand waiting to be dyed into green sand.

Tom on the roof cleaning debris from down spouts and roof to prevent water from coming into the builidng.

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