Friday, February 21, 2014

Course update, closed Friday 2-21

The greens have become frozen again at the surface from the drop in the overnight temperatures.  I would expect when the greens begin to thaw today that conditions will be too soft and wet to open for play.  We will be checking out all the greens this afternoon once they thaw to get a better handle on the conditions for a potential opening on Saturday.  The freeze has moved down through the sand layer so we are in good shape when it comes to not shearing off roots between the freeze and thawed line.  We did receive .38" of rain yesterday which does need to move through the green profile to insure that the greens are not like sponges with  water coming up from each step and deep foot printing impressions are not left on the surface of the greens.

As always I will keep you updated regarding the potential for opening the course for play.

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