Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Update on Greens Aeration

The staff rolled and mowed the greens on Monday.  It would be great if we received a little rain on top of this aeration and topdressing but it has stayed away over the last few days.  I did water the greens through the weekend until Sunday night.  Due to cold temperatures, I've keep the water off over the last couple of days until the warm up starts again later in the week.  Thunderstorms later in the week could help us a great deal in our recovery.  We have gotten a nice green up from the fertilizer application and the warmer days last week.  We will do a dry mow this week which means we only mow when its dry to prevent sand being pulled up from the green surface.  Pulling sand up into the upper leaf canopy will negatively effect ball roll and will reduce our mowers potential for getting a clean cut.

 Three green, 3/10/14 first mowing
Eighteen green, 3/25/14 after mowing four time and aeration.

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