Friday, March 28, 2014

Aerating Rough

Over the next couple of weeks, we will be pulling cores in the rough.

Core aeration benefits the turf in a number of ways.

  • Break up thatch and stimulate shoot and root growth.
  • Allows oxygen into the root zone of the turf.
  • The aeration holes will allow water to penetrate into the soil more quickly and deeper. The holes also provide tiny reservoirs to hold moisture in place.
  • Wet areas will dry out more quickly because air can get into the soil helping to dry it out more quickly.
  • Opening up the soil can release some nutrients to the root systems of the plant that were tied up in the soil.
  • Over time, the soil will assist in filling small voids in the turf surface improving lies.
Once we pull the core, a drag mat will go back over the area to help break up the soil so there is less mess for you to content with while you play. Rain will help blend the soil back to the surface of the rough as well.

Below is a video showing the aerator in action.

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