Monday, March 31, 2014

Tree Management Plan

We had a couple removals today, one that will lead to improved conditions for a green and surround complex and the second to protect everyone from a hazardous condition.  We still have one more removal on the right of #16, an old Siberian Elm that we were planning to remove but we believe it has a family of squirrels inside of it.  I expect no further removals this season unless something does not leaf out this spring and we will decide if removal should occur immediately or can wait until next winter.

The first tree was the very large oak on the east side of #17 green that had a large void in it that I assume was from a lightning strike many years ago.  During the shade study that I have made over the last few years, #17 green would not receive full sun until 10 a.m. each day.  We are evaluating a couple of ornamental trees to go back in the general area where the removal occurred but the species will be much smaller so they will not interfere with the morning light that the green needs.

The second tree was next to 18 tee and had lost a large part of the crown of the tree last fall.  Gamma tree topped both trees to a pole and our staff will knock the trees down on Tuesday.

Shade on #17 green at 8:54 a.m.

Gamma tree removing rest of limbs from tree.

Finishing off the removal.  Our staff still need to remove the stub on Tuesday.
The staff cleaning up the sticks and cutting up the logs from the removal.
The view from the green at the end of the day.

The wound that went up the first 15-20' of the tree. 

The close up of the crown of the tree at 18 tee.  The whole center of the tree was damaged and exposed.  The larger limbs coming off that same area could have fallen without warning.

A pull back view of the tree and its damaged crown.

The topped tree waiting for our staff to remove to the ground.

This tree was right behind the tree we are removing.  The limb on the lower left goes over the cart path and tee.  A limb fell from this tree and weakened the other limb to the point that it needed to be removed.

The finished product after removal. The removed tree is in the background.

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