Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Major Cart Maintenance

Our carts are entering their 6 season as I am and they need a little rejuvenation just as yours truly. I get some rest in the winter and they see very little use themselves but this winter was very difficult for a little over 1/3 of our fleet. 

Last season, we replaced 30 carts' batteries. I expected we would have to replace the rest of the batteries sometime this season since they had survived past their normal life.  With negative double digit temperatures, excessively aged batteries, and an unheated cart facility, many of the oldest batteries froze.  Today, our staff had to replace 24 carts' batteries. We have 6 carts with a few very old batteries that are still holding charge, and some newer 2-3 year old batteries that were strong enough to survive the winter.

The staff spent the day replacing the batteries that were depleted,  cleaning terminals on the year old batteries and checking/filling water levels to insure they will continue to operate efficiently this season. 

Our mechanic Dave is responsible for the main maintenance of our 60 carts and their chargers. He's improved the overall maintenance of the carts since he has arrived last May. The rest of our staff including Barrett and the pro shop staff have also assisted in keeping the fleet in good shape. David has spent the last week checking tire pressure, steering, brake systems while removing, testing, and attempting to revive the units that were repaired today.

During the season, please inform Barrett and Abby if you experience any issues with a cart so it may be written up and checked by Dave. 

Pallet of batteries waiting to be installed.

The staff loading batteries into carts and installing hold downs and battery cables. Our work was interrupted by mucho rain, lightning and hail on multiple occasions. We were ultimately forced into the maintenance building to complete the work.

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