Tuesday, April 8, 2014

15 Bridge/Spillway Repairs

The bridge/spillway leading from 15 tee to 15 fairway is in need of some significant repairs since the excessive rain last week.  The gravel  under the spillway leading to 15 lake has been scoured out over time and the roadway/asphalt experienced another collapse.  

Today, we ripped off the asphalt covering to the bridge and cut a hole in the concrete spillway to check how much of gravel has been eroded from underneath the spillway.  Our plan is to pour concrete under the spillway to reinforce the spillway and protect from future erosion.  The upper part of the spillway needs some patching and the rusted bottoms of the galvanized spillway pipes will receive the same treatment we did last season to the spillway between the two small lake on #10.  We will cut the rusted section of the pipe and place a new concrete flume bottom so the water will travel through the spillway and empty into the lower lake. Our last task will be to place a new concrete bridge surface for carts and walkers to cross the area.

In the meantime, please use caution when crossing the bridge by foot or by cart. This work should take a week or so depending upon rain and lake levels.

Skip removing the asphalt covering of the bridge on #15.  Once repairs are made to the galvanized spillway pipes which have rusted bottom and repairs to the concrete spillway, the bridge will be resurfaced with concrete.

A check hole was cut in the lower section of the spillway so we could see the damage.  We plan to pour concrete into the area to stop the eroding that is taking place under the structure.  You can see to the left the rusted galvanized pipes.  The rust areas will be cut out and a new concrete flume will be installed to move the water  between the two lakes.

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