Monday, April 7, 2014

Tree Management Plan, Trees Planted

A majority of trees that should be planted on a golf course are of the non-ornamental variety. We broke the rule today when the staff planted 3 Merlot Redbuds between 16-17 this morning before the rain stopped us for the day. As you know, we removed a couple of large oaks to the left of 17 green to get early morning light on this green. A perfect spot for an ornamental in an area that receives very little play but would provide great viewing of this nice ornamental tree.  Additional trees will be planted in other locations later this week if we are not too wet. 

Additional reading on this cultivar below.

Russ, Tom and Skip planting a Redbud in the trees to the left of 16 fairway and the back left of 17 green. 
The tree in foreground is what the guys planed in previous picture. Toward the tree that must be removed is the 2nd tree the guys planted. The 3rd is in the background near the Pin Oaks.

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