Sunday, May 25, 2014

Various work projects this week

A number of other projects were completed this week.

The staff completed support work on the play ground equipment. New support footings were added.

The head wall on the lake spillway was repaired as were some stones that had broken loose on the landscape area of 15.

The native area on 12 and 13 were brush hogged.  Attempted to do it 2 weeks ago but had to repair the mower.

Pulled some plugs on the long range tee, drug them into the weak areas, spread a few loads of sand topdressing and a heavy application of fertilizer to push some growth.  Extra water applications are being made to keep area moist and help the push the new plugs.  Try to open tee very soon is all I can say.

Forgot to take pictures but added 15 grass carp to the 2 small lakes on 10 to assist with grass plant removal. This reduces the need for chemical applications since this water feeds into our irrigation lake.

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