Saturday, May 31, 2014

Warm season fertilizer applications

Last weekend and finishing this morning, our fairway fertilizer was spread on our 25 acres of zoysia/bermuda.  We still need to walk apply fertilizer to the close approaches, warm season green surrounds and tees early this coming week.  We applied 5,900 pounds of material which gives us an effective rate of 3/4# of nitrogen per one thousand square feet.  This should be sufficient fertilizer for the season unless I make a 1/4" spray-able application in August of urea.

The warm nights and high rain fall early in the week have kicked in the warm season fairways.  This fertilizer should also give it a needed boost and help to fill in a majority of the voids.  We will continue to remove spots as needed but will be using our sod nursery near the lakes and hole 16  The staff laid 350 yards of zoysia this week which also meant they picked up 350 yards of soil/sod mix and hauled it away.  A tough job which required well over 100 hours of labor to complete.

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