Thursday, May 29, 2014

Weed control

We do not make an attempt to kill every weed on property.  Our efforts are to concentrate on the main areas of the course, greens, tees, fairways and first cut of  rough.  Over the last couple of days, I've sprayed a couple of tanks of product to reduce some of the weed populations on our fairways and tees.

I spot sprayed a 7 acre tank mix of broadleaf weed killer on our fairways, some tees and rough.  I spot sprayed mostly knotweed but did include white clover that is popping up in various areas as well.  I also sprayed some of the rough as well.  Seeds from these weeds can be spread to other areas of the course so it is important to knock down areas that have higher populations of weeds so that we don't seed clean areas of turf.

If you played yesterday or over the next couple of days, you will notice some block patterns of dye on the course covering some sections of fairways and in some cases a complete tee.  We are spraying for a weed called Green Kyllinga.  Click on the link for more details.  We have a number of tees which are covered with this weed.  I spot sprayed about 25,000 sq ft of fairways and tees with a product that should knock down the weed but will also require a follow up application.
Blue tee #1.  Red tee and white tee are covered with this weed.  

18 fairway and a spot covered with Kyllinga.  It can take over an area if not treated and grows about twice as fast as the turf.  

Area on 18 fairway that literally looks like we planted the weed.

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