Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Green/Blue on the course

The next time you play hole 1, you might not notice the new fence as much.  Skip and Russ painted 1/2 of it green today.  We have to order in additional paint and will finish it next week.  We intend to place some vining type plants on the track side of the fence to soften it further before fall.

We will be installing a new bed on the left side of 13 blue tee to provide some buffer between the tee and 15 green.  It is not intended to be a wall but will help in breaking up the open space.  It will be slightly raised and will be of the more permanent plant variety, shrubs, grasses and a smaller tree..  A little mulch each season and some minor pruning is all that will be needed for this bed.
Becky sprayed out the area with Roundup and some selective grass and weed killer.  Some dye was used to help identify the area.
Dye to outline the kidney bean shaped bed.

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