Thursday, June 12, 2014

Invitational Info

Will get everything for most part mowed today except fairways and intermediate.
Mowed greens last night and will double roll this morning.

Friday evenings activities are open to all members.  Dinner will be outside with a great menu planned, Drinks included. Spouses and significant others of players are included in the tournament package. Non participating members, the all inclusive charge is $75.00 per person.  If you are a non playing member and would like to attend, please contact the staff and make a reservation. .

Also, with the change in the Saturday night program, the staff are trying to determine the number if people staying for the Ala Carte dinner planned that evening.  Please let the staff know at sign -in today. The Awards Ceremony is being planned for an hour after the completion of the shoot out. Appetizers and cocktails will be available before the ceremony.

Also, Thursday's practice round shoot out will be out on the course this year at holes 9, 3 where food station will be set up, 12, 13,14.  Beverage carts will be out  in force.

Course is still wet. Especially fairways. Hope to mow this evening or by Friday morning if wet weather stays away.

Have a great 3 days!

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