Saturday, February 14, 2015

Removal of asphalt tennis courts

The clay courts will remain in place but the staff is in the process of removing the asphalt tennis court fencing, poles, and asphalt/gravel layer over the next few days.  The asphalt court has been in disrepair and there are no plan to renovate the courts at this time.  We  understand tennis is important to a number of our members and we will still provide 2 very nice clay court surfaces for learning and enjoying this sport.

We intend to use the asphalt as a fill layer at the top end of the range.  We will then take the sand spoils from the bunker project that were placed in piles and will use it to cap the asphalt.  It will have a more finished appearance and will assist the range staff in locating balls hit into this area and will allow us to mow it as necessary.  There is a high concentration of bermuda that was already covering the old mounds and will grow again.

We intend to get some fill dirt to cover the old court area and will then seed/straw it to cover the scar from the old courts.  I don't necessarily want to fill the area with trees but we will be evaluating in case a tree would be needed.
Staff pulling fence posts from asphalt courts.

The area on the back of the range where we will place the old asphalt.

Sand and dirty material that will be placed over the asphalt.

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