Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Marking of a Milestone

Mom loves her Cardinals!
Last month, the matriarch of Beth's family her mother passed after a very long lived life. Yesterday, I was given the opportunity to celebrate the matriarch of our family, my mother's 75th birthday.

My mother has been a guiding force in my life. A strong leader who has taught me to share our talents with others not as fortunate, give of oneself before taking, be humble when good things happen and continue to grow as a human being no matter one's age.

As I was finishing my high school years, my relationship with my parents was good, respectful but as some of us experience, it became strained because of my need for independence and self expression, aka, I could not keep my mouth shut!(and board members say ah that's what it is) Mom told me many years later that she was never so glad to see one of her children go away to college.  Embarrassing to hear that as a grown person but true no doubt.

As a family, we were not a huggy type but after the 1st year in college, I began to hug mom and give her a kiss as well giving dad some love as well.  Luckily that started because a few years later we lost dad to a sudden death which shocked all of us to our core.  This past year, my experiences with Beth and the losses she has faced has made my hello hugs and goodbyes with my mother last a little longer.  Not just for the fear of what might take place before my next visit but to thank her for what she has done for me over my lifetime.

We were talking about a college opporutunity for a grandson yesterday and were reminiscing about her life and well it had been lived.  She spoke of the day she had to make the choice to move from her beloved step-grandmother's home to move to her dads so she could go to free high school.  At the time where she lived, she was outside the high school district and her grandmother could not afford to send her to high school because she was too poor, this was mid 50's in southeast Missouri. She talked about how it broke her heart to leave her grandmother but it was the right choice because it set her life in motion.  She met my father, I was concieved and as were the rest of our family and the rest is her history.

I honor you mother for your determination, your courage, and a life lived for others. May you have many more years with us!

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