Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Changes to Mowing Height On a Few Green Surrounds

Decided to make an adjustment on a few greens surrounds mowing heights. We were cutting these areas a 1.25" with the intermediate mower but will be changing to near fairway height at about .60 inches with the approach mower. These areas are warm season, mostly zoysia and will become a little more receptive to a rolling ball then getting hung up on the longer intermediate cut.This will be a continuance of what has already been applied to the approaches. It will provide more definition with the tighter cut and will look pretty sharp like the new approach side of #2.  Changes have been made around #1, left and back of #2, the back of #3 2 passes, left and right side of #15, and around the green on #16. #16 was not completed today due to an issue with the mower. This was accomplished through mowing and changing turf species. The area was mowed down today and should improve its look over the next few weeks with additional leaf emergence.

This gives a couple of different options around our greens. Tight fairway around some greens at .60" and 2.25" rough grass around others. A different contrast in shots and techniques required for the proper struck ball.

Left side of #1. Some areas scalped a little more than other but overall they look pretty good. As more leaves emerge, they will fill in and tighten the turf up considerably.

Arrow on the left is the intermediate that will end at the path. The arrow on the right is the new area mowed down a little tighter. It will wrap around the back of the green and will tied in to the new bailout area on the right side.

The back of 3 green surround.  The left arrows are at the crest of the hill which will remain intermediate. The right arrow will be mowed down. to the approach height. The area on the sides will still remain  a green rough height where it ties into the bunkers.

This is the left of #15. Some benefit in rolling ball to the green but ball could also release down into the rough. 

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