Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Happy Earth Day 2015

As mentioned in an earlier twitter feed, we believe in Earth Day everyday at Glen Echo CC in the following ways:

  • Recycling bin is used by both our staff, pro shop and the clubhouse. Glass, aluminum, paper, and boxes are separated as much as possible. Our staff separates its scrap metal that we accumulate in our repair work and recycle it.
  • We have an expansive irrigation system that covers almost every blade of grass on our property but we make every effort to only utilize some of the out of the way play areas on a rare occasion. Our focus is down the middle. Automated system that automatically turns off if rain occurs. Weather station which allows us to see how potential water needs to be applied to make up for each days loss. Turf turning off color to some degree means we are managing properly.
  • Our clippings are recycled into the rough where they can be utilized by the plants again.
  • We use many types of cultural techniques to improve overall turf health in an effort to reduce overall applications of fertilizers/chemicals. Reduced fairway application of nitrogen by 50%. Give plant only what it needs, do not give it the ICE CREAM AND COOKIES TOO!
  • Overall we have reduced the total amount of #'s of fertilizer used for our specific plant surfaces. Mowing injures plants and anytime you can reduce mowing reduces injury and energy required to repair it.
  • Overall fuel usage is down because we have reduced overall mowing on playing surfaces. Facility is still as good as it was when I got here, at least that is what I am being told.
  • Focusing on more plant health than spraying fungicides to stabilize health.
  • Raised height on certain surfaces and making efforts to rid main playing areas of species of plants that are injured from severe heat and or cold with the changing climatic changes. Poa annua and bermuda grass contamination in zoysia areas.
  • Recycle all waste oil, oil filters etc.
  • Placed emphasis on turf health and reduced specific trees around greens that force more inputs than needed. Yes I know killing a tree is sometimes necessary in our circumstance to improve our part of the earth. Healthy turf grass has many benefits!
  • Many types of wildlife are on our property including the 4 acres of lakes that help hold water on our property for irrigation usage.
  • A membership in which nearly 40% of the rounds are walking rounds are very helpful not only for our contributions to Earth Day but on the health of our members. Impacts from cart traffic do effect overall growth and health of grass.
  • Tree limbs are chipped and recycled in our ornamental beds.

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