Sunday, April 26, 2015

Greenhouse Plant Sale

Little slow on the trigger this season but our greenhouse plant sale will be on Saturday, May 9th from 9-11 a.m. at the maintenance building. We will have a few more perennials available this season and some other plants for you to add to your patio or landscape. For our newer members, most folks walk away with15-20 plants or more to fill some pots or a planting bed. Most products will be in 4" pots.  Plants are only available during the sale. We are in the process of moving plants out of the greenhouse to harden off as we prepare to plant. Plants will be sitting out and are not set out for purchase or removal without authorization.  We will charge your account in the usual manner as your other purchases at the club. Proceeds from this event help to support the horticulture program at our club which is continueing to expand with the hard work of our horticulturist Becky Edwards.

Why do we take the time to grow our own products some might ask? There are a number of reasons;

  • We save money and cash is king for us at this time. It does take labor to pot the materials but we are already here working. Yes there is some water and heating costs but we purchase material at extremely low prices based even on wholesale pricing if we bought them already grown from a local nursery.
  • We are able to purchases varietys of plants that local growers do not grow. Unique and different plants are not available at most local growers. They produce for the masses and you are stuck with what they grow.
  • In the end, I like to grow plants. Well, Becky grows the plants now but our group is willing to take on any task that we can to help with improving your experience at the club.When you bring guests to the club, a majority of the plantings that you will see were grown from a very small size. I think many of you take pride in these efforts made on your behalf.

We are adding more work to Becky's plate this season with 7 new flower boxes on the Verandah with almost 40' of planting space on this great outdoor space at our club. We also decided to remove the strip of grass between the champions reserved parking and Mr. Ott's Clock. As mentioned in an earlier blog, the holly bushes along the parking lot were severly compromised in the winter of 2014.
We also expaned the plantings off of the main patio and the planting at 13 tee was new from late last summer. We've also added some plant material along the 6 green cart path which she will be monitoring.
Most of the plants in the pictures came from plugs but we have brought some partially grown material in to use for our pots and planters.

Middle view.

Some additional material. Becky reduced her overall purchases this season with the addition of some perennials which will be added to some of our spaces reducing the need of repeated annual installs.

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