Saturday, April 25, 2015

Fairway Sod Replacement Work

I've made efforts since 2009 to take back control of our fairways from the hideous weed Westwood Bermuda. No offense to our friends at Westwood CC but it is a hideous turf grass. Part of the effort is to spray an area that has mostly zoysia allowing it to fill in where the Bermuda was injured. The second part of the equation is actual sod removal. Yesterday the staff laid a couple pallets of zoysia on the approach of 12 fairway which had wider scale injury that you will see below..

Part of this Bermuda was injured by the two sprays from last fall but we also have some normal winter injury/slow to come out from the winter. We intend to do a couple of pallets of Zoysia a week for the next month or so between the other work necessary(or until I've expired the budget) allowing for enough time to grow in for 'The Invitational'. 

Next week I will make another application in areas where the zoysia is a bit more prevelant and can fill in. Probably no 10 acre application this time of year.

We do have some zoysia that is a little weak and needs some warmer temperatures. Lower wet areas and the usual heavy shaded areas are always an issue when it comes to zoysia. 

I will keep you updated over the next few weeks.

The uphill approach to #12. 
Another view of the same area.
2 pallets laid in some of the area. Late in summer we will hit this area again to set back the bermuda that either tries to come back up through the Zoysia or around the edges. A few more of the larger spots will be removed next week and replaced.
This is an area on 7 fairway about 100 yards from the green near the big repair done in the middle of the fairway. A good spot to remove and replace with new sod.
The same area but on the opposite side of the swale looking toward 5 tee. Another couple good spots to replace.

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