Friday, April 24, 2015

Long Range Tee Work

With a 5 a.m. arrival and a dash around light frost Thursday morning, the staff quickly prepared the course for a 120 person outing. Once the outings work was completed, we then moved to the Long Range Tee construction. All the holes augured yesterday for the telephone and shorter metal poles for the netting on the long range. We initially borrowed an auger from our friends at St. Louis Country Club and made an extension. Drilled a great hole but not deep enough. We were able to use the smaller auger for our 2' deep holes for our 12.5' net which will go along the left side of the tee. We rented a skid steer with our change of plans and an auger which you will see in action below.

If weather is okay on Monday, we intend to put poles in place.

This hole is a little wider on top because we had large roots in the auger area. Removed them with the backhoe and were able to make quick work of the 9 holes that were needed. We also drilled 9 holes with the tractor auger.

We have retreated the bottom 6' of the poles with a water sealer in recommendations from Ameren where we purchased the poles. We still have to cut a few feet off the poles. The poles will be in the range tee area over the weekend.

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