Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Green Venting

Venting is a term we use when we have very little disruption to the green turf surface but have a great effect on our green profile. Today we began venting our greens with our Verti-drain 7316 and 5/16" needle tine. 8 tines per holder with 48 total holes being placed into the surface about 5-6" deep. The greens were rolled behind the work and will be mowed on Wednesday. We still have greens 13-18 left to do.

We will needle tine a couple more times this summer and will Hydroject as well which is a machine that sends a stream of water at very high pressure into the surface. This is schedules the Monday after Invitational and the 1st week of August. Probably another needle tine around the end of the August and then our season ending aeration at the end of October.

Key benefits include

  • Gas exchange, oxygen in and carbon dioxide out.
  • Moisture relief and or ability for moisture to penetrate more quickly and thoroughly through the turf profile and reduce Localized Dry Spots.
  • Improvement in root development. Air space encourages roots to grow toward the small openings provided.

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