Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Tennis Courts Ready for Play

Court 1 was opened last week and I finished Court 2 over the weekend. All the windscreens have been put up. We do have some additional maintenance next to Court 1 where the asphalt apron joins the clay courts. The edge has been crumbling and needs repairing to reduce potential injury. We cut an edge with a saw and removed a concrete block that was sunk beneath the edge. We intend to pour a concrete patch between the new cut line and the court to reduce the potential for a twisted ankle or turned knee. Should take a few hours to do on Wednesday and will be in good shape by the next day.

The old asphalt courts were removed a couple months ago and I had coordinated with a contractor as UMSL to assist us with getting some free fill dirt to fill in the area. Unfortunately, they pretty much used all the dirt and had none available for us to use. I'm currently attempting to locate a potential source for some free dirt. Member Mark Matteson from Clayco is trying to locate some dirt from their various projects around the area. We will need approximately 400 yards of dirt to fill this area so buying topsoil is out of the questions right now. In an effort to improve the look of the area and reduce the potential for tennis players and golfers walking through a muddy mess, we have seeded and strawed this area to get some turf cover started. This is only temporary until we can land some free clean fill, and I emphasize free!

Video below is Skip cutting the edge. We also will be repairing the cart path along 17 as well which we cut with the saw in preparing to remove.


After making the cut, Skip and the staff removing the concrete blocks. The area will be filled with about 6./10 of a yard of concrete. 4" wide x 120 feet long and an average depth of 5"

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