Friday, August 21, 2015

Lucas and Hunt Road Tree Mess

We usually maintain the trees that screen the golf course from Lucas & Hunt Road. We do some shearing and pruning from time to time along the roadway so road signs can be seen and the area is dressed up. We keep it mulched and try to keep the weeds down with herbicide sprays from time to time.

Yesterday for some reason, the State Highway Department sent a vertical mower along the roadway and trimmed some of the trees. At first I thought great, one less thing for us to do but then I saw today that no one had picked up the limbs and branches that were strewn between the fence and the street by the mower. I've contacted the highway department about getting this cleaned up. I'm assuming it will take a couple of business days to get this completed. Just wanted to let you know we were aware of this issue.

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