Friday, August 21, 2015

Sod and Bermuda Eradication Work This Week

The staff laid a couple pallets of zoysia this week, a pallet of fescue and sprayed fairways/tees in our Bermuda eradication work. We will try to cut out a couple pallets a week of Zoysia as play and work considerations allows until dormancy in early October. There are a few areas that have large patches of Bermuda that should be replaced. Zoysia will only move about a foot or two a year.  Once the Zoysia covers these areas, we will make additional sprays over top of the Zoysia to discourage the removed areas from filling back in with Bermuda.

I was intending to spray some greens surrounds and bunkers with a new Bermuda Eradication product called Pylex herbicide  but was not able to get that accomplished. Maybe Saturday or early next week. More details on this product next week after I make the applications.
Randy, Rico, Latrell and Tom cutting out the bird bath area about 225 yards on the left from 7 green. Had to remove some extra soil at the end which was helping to hold the water in place.

Finished product. Please drive around and play as Ground Under Repair until we remove the stakes.

Area on the left of #8 fairway which receive much less than ideal sunlight during the day to support Zoysia. Hopefully some selective tree trimming, traffic control measured and compaction reduction will improve this area.

#15 where some large patches of Bermuda have been living. Trying to spray these areas out and replacing with Zoysia.

This is a picture of 18 fairway about 150 yards from the green. You can see the heavier dew formation on the Bermuda grass. Larger patch in the background which could  need to be replaced with sod once the eradication spray takes effect. The foreground area should burn down below the surface of the Zoysia grass and will need to be applied again toward mid-September. Late applications reduces the Bermuda's ability to store energy for winter making it vulnerable to winter kill.  An application or two in spring and early summer followed by 2-3 applications in fall should help us put this weed on its heals. We might never get rid of it but we can put it under serious control in our main playing areas like our fairways. 

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