Monday, January 25, 2016

Don't Get Too Excited With Upcoming Forecast

Not to burst your bubble but I'm flying the trial balloon early. Just a reminder to not get too excited with the upcoming weather forecast. My best guess is we will be in the middle of frozen greens beginning to thaw and will have to remain closed. We will be evaluating the progress daily to keep the pro shop and you informed. The thaw must go deep into the profile to allow the water that will be trapped near the surface area to evacuate. Without this water being able to drain through the profile, the green's surfaces will be like a soaked sponge and will imprint severly. Also, if greens have not thawed deep enough, the probability for roots to be sheared from foot steps becomes quite high. I would think we will be able to get the range tees open the next couple of days.

3 green

3 fairway/approach

6 Tee, not shown 5 green which is covered as well. 

7 green

11 green

Practice green

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