Friday, January 15, 2016

Tree Management Plan

Three large trees were identified for removal this fall due being severely compromised(dangerous) and or near death. Time for their removal. Two of these trees were a Sweetgum and Pin Oak along the roadway at 10 tee and a third tree Oak on the left side of 4 near the 5th tee area. These trees first had to be topped by our contractor due to their size and then we removed the totem pole and hauled out the material.

This work took nearly a week to accomplish. Some of the material was chipped and will be used on property, the oak that we can handle will be split and used for shop heating and sold to members for firewood. Stumps will be ground in late winter when our contractor comes in and completes them in a couple of hours. The oak on 4 was nealy 7 feet across from flare to flare.

Oak on 4 near 5 tee. Large crack in upper left limb. Been watching tree for last couple of years. It was time to remove.
Gamma Tree Service removing all the upper limbs making it easier for our staff to drop the stub to the ground for removal.

Three guys notching and now near the end cut ready to drop to the ground.

Safe and sound and on the ground.

Sweetgum along the Pearson Lane with large wound on trunk and crown was compromised as well. Very hazardous and time to come down.

Sweetgum is down, now working on large Oak near 10 tee. Beautiful tree but lightning strike with huge wound in main trunk and over 1/2 the tree last season had no leaves. Time to go to rest.
Gamma finishing off the top. 

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