Monday, March 7, 2016

How Does Your Garden Grow? Very Nicely I Must Say Here At Glen Echo

How does your garden grow is a presentation taking place this Saturday by our very own horticulturist Becky Edwards. Becky does outstanding work on our grounds and will give here insight into her work at Glen Echo. She will provide you with professional advice on how to transition what she does at Glen Echo to your landscape and or patio at home. I know my bride will want me to pay close attention since I need to finish off the front landscape of our home.

Sounds like its going to be a wet week with not much work being able to be accomplished outside. Come to the club and have some lunch before and a glass of wine or cocktail during the event or lunch at the end whichever you prefer.             

Please sign up on the club website so we can plan for proper seating for this event. 

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