Friday, March 11, 2016

New Teeing Ground, Combination Blue/White

Over the last few years, there have been questions raised regarding the possibility of having a combination Blue/White Tee since some our events are played at a short blue/long white distance to accommodate all ages and playing abilities. This winter, the golf committee led by Head Pro Matt T made the decision to implement the new tee that will play a distance between the white and blue yardage. The MAGA was contacted and rated the new teeing ground as well for us.

Instead of adding another complete set of tees, it was decided to have a checkered blue/white tee set up for each hole. On 9 holes, the combination tee will be with the blue marker and on other 9 holes it will be with the white marker. A new scorecard has been produced and is currently being printed and will arrive soon. A picture below as well as a quick video explaining what is taking place has been provided to explain in greater detail what is taking place.

Please keep in mind there could be occasions based on weather conditions or wear and tear on the teeing ground where tees could be moved from a damaged area and might not be exactly in the area intended. We will move them back when conditions warrant.
As you can see from the score card above, 9 of the combo tees are played from the blue tee area, and 9 combos from the white tee area. 

Blue/White Combo tee. Each hole will have one marker that has both blue and white checker on the one marker designating it for the blue/white combo tee. It will be paired with either a white or blue marker located on the other side of the tee.

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