Thursday, March 31, 2016

Lightning on the Golf Course, Your Life

I was gone yesterday afternoon on some Mom business and arrived back at the course after the storm had passed through in the early evening. I went down to the lakes to see if I needed to disperse some geese. Yes that time of year to moving the nesting geese along whenever possible.

I first saw a smaller splintered limb jammed into the bank next to the fairway nursery between 10/16. I then saw about a 3" in diameter limb jammed into the bottom of the lake and sticking out of the water.

As I looked across the lake to #10 I saw the Pin Oak where the lower part of the tree was blown off. As I mentioned to the green committee a couple of times already, this tree is not in good shape due to some damage in the crown area of the tree and is on our watch list. I did mention in an earlier posting that we intend to put a tree just past this tree due to the ultimate demise of this tree in the future. At least the lightning struck an already injured tree.

We monitor radar as we see storms approaching. We also monitor the lightning indicator to see the amount of lightning in storms and once the lightning strikes enter the 10 mile zone, we will bring everyone in.

As demonstrated from the damage to this tree, being on the golf course during lightning events are not a good idea. I always error on the side of caution and bring staff in quickly because the grass can be mowed a few minutes later. We alert staff and request that they alert members who are out in the same area. That second shot out of the trees can be made 30 minutes later but Your Life cannot be replaced. Please remember that when we call you off the course, sitting underneath trees only makes you a more attractive target. Also, not coming off the course and staff having to chase you down also endangers the life of staff members so when you hear the horn, be forewarned please come inside or go to the field bar if you cannot make it back to the shop for further instructions. Also, if you've not heard a horn and lightning is close, their is a possibility that staff is not aware of the issue or just became aware of it like you. The safety of our members, guests and staff first and foremost when it comes to protection from storms.

The strike on  the base of the tree with the shrapnel across the lake on #10.

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