Saturday, April 2, 2016

2015 to 2016 Fairway Bermuda Eradication #12

Another example of our Fairway Bermuda Eradication work on #12. View below is from Spring 2015 where we had sprayed the Bermuda the fall before with our product. The last photo shows how well the Zoysia has filled in and how the Bermuda has been slowed allowing these improvements. We will still need to spray these areas further to help suppress the Bermuda even more but the program is working well in many areas on the golf course.

This was last spring looking up the hill toward 12 green. Fall 2014 spray hit the Bermuda pretty hard in this area.

Some replacement last season in the larger areas.
Very little Bermuda coming out right now. A great deal of the right side intermediate is Bermuda that is slowly coming out but very little if any in the main part of the fairway. This chemical applications are working very well for us. We will have to continue to do some wholesale replacements in the intermediate rough because some areas are completely void of  Zoysia.

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