Thursday, March 9, 2017

Spring Aerations, Here They Come

This season we will be doing the DryJect Aeration process from our contractor. Scheduled initially for this Sunday PM and next Sunday PM, the dates were moved due to weather concerns.

We will be completing this process on Wednesday March 15 and Thursday March 16. I don't like to do this work during the work but we had no choice or wait until the end of April which I do not want. It is a pretty non-evasive process but we will have to have you go around the holes that we are working. We will have 2 units working. Takes about 45 minutes per green or so.

Below is the link to last years work. We usually just brush the greens and roll them if they are dry enough and they are ready for play.

Later in the month we will be performing our deep-tined areation which will help us drain water deeper through our profile as needed, especially through the earthen layer that rest 6" below ground.

I will make another post in the next few days catching you up on other work the staff have been performing.

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